Michael Grasso - Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics Masters and Certificate Programs

We are very excited to announce a new graduate program in Clinical Informatics at the University of Maryland, starting Fall 2023. We offer a 12-credit Graduate Certificate and a 34-credit Master of Science. All courses are presented in a hyflex environment, allowing students to complete all requirements online. Our program was designed to serve a broad range of healthcare professionals, including physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, pharmacists, biologists, computer scientists, and others.

The program is a joint effort between the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) and the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). The core faculty are practicing physicians from the School of Medicine who are board certified in Clinical Informatics, assisted by other faculty with training in Computer Science, Data Science, and Epidemiology.

Our curriculum focuses on biomedical data, clinical processes, and computational systems, which students will apply to the practice of medicine to enhance health outcomes, improve patient care, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship. The program also covers the latest data science tools, machine learning techniques, and methods for big data processing. Coursework also addresses leadership, professionalism, ethics, bias, and social determinants of health.

Students will enroll in 4 core courses at UMB (12 credits) to complete their graduate certificate in Clinical Informatics. Students continue their studies, by completing 3 courses (10 credits) in practical activities at UMB, and an additional 4 courses at University of Maryland Baltimore County (12 credits) to complete a graduate certificate in Data Science, for a total of 34 program credits.
  • Clinical Informatics Graduate Certificate (12 credits)
    • INFO 601 Foundations in Clinical and Health Informatics
    • INFO 602 Clinical Information Systems
    • INFO 603 Computer Literacy for Healthcare Professionals
    • INFO 604 Decision Support Systems in Healthcare
  • Data Science Graduate Certificate (12 credits)
    • DATA 601 Introduction to Data Science
    • DATA 602 Introduction to Data Analysis and Machine Learning
    • DATA 603 Platforms for Big Data Processing
    • DATA 604 Data Management
  • Practicums and Conferences (10 credits)
    • INFO 610 Clinical Informatics Conference
    • INFO 611 Clinical Informatics Practicum
    • INFO 612 Advanced Clinical Informatics Practicum

More information about the program.